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Heike Pickett Gallery (Versailles, KY)

Absolute Arts Portfolio

International Sculpture Center

    Foundry: White River Foundry

Terry Pulley (Impressionist Painting)

Kelly Pulley (Illustration and Realist Painting)

Nancy Pulley (Poetry)


Nell Devitt (Architectural Tiles)

Dale Enochs (Limestone Sculpture)

Jarrett and Celene Hawkins (Sculpture)

Mike Helbing (Sculpture and Veteran's Art)

Tamar Kander (Atmospheric Abstration)

Larry Spears Pottery (Functional Stoneware)

Barney Quick (Jazz guitar, writer, raconteur)

Tim Grimm (Singer/ Songwriter, Actor)

Tom Tedrowe (Furniture Maker)

Alan Patrick (Landscape Oils)